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Three Way Angle Seat Valve
(BTB3935905-25) Three Way Angle Seat Valve

Model: BTB3935905-25
Categories: Pneumatic Three Way Valve
Pneumatic Three Way Angle Seat Valve
Technical parameter
Valve function: 3 way
Working pressure: 1.6MPa
Control pressure: 0.4 - 0.6MPa
Medium temperature: -10℃ - +200℃ 
Applied medium: neutral gas and liquid
Pneumatic joint: 1/8"
Valve body material: S.S304
Seal material: PTFE
Piston seal material: FPM
Outline Dimension (mm)
DN RC L L1 H D Order No.
25 1" 89 16 242 62 BTB 3935905-20
List of Parts
3.1 stem 4.1 stem 5.1 back-up ring
3.2 gasket 4.2 screw connector 5.2 cylinder head
3.3 sealing 4.3 seal ring 5.3 O ring
3.4 disc 4.4 screw connector 5.4 piston
3.5 lock nut 4.5 seal ring 5.5 spring
3.6 spindle seal 4.6 cylinder  
3.7 spring 4.7 observation window  
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